About Barry Shuchter

I was born in Newark, NJ in the late 1950’s, lived in Cambridge, MA for 35 years, and now reside in Madison, WI. My father, Jerome, introduced me to the art world at an early age, toting me around to the many New York City museums. My mother, Lillian, constantly supported my self-expression. As Lil’s son, I signed many of my paintings “Lilson” in her honor.

I start with something I see and then create my own interpretation of it, in order to convey a certain mood or to express a particular insight. While focusing primarily on figures and landscapes, I attempt something in each painting that I haven’t done before — a new color choice, subject matter, or perspective — producing variety in which my essential style remains evident.

I’ve produced hundreds of paintings and thousands of drawings. I’ve also consumed hundreds of pizzas, and believe that every act of creation involves an act of digestion.