Congratulations on your retirement, Mark!

Hi Mark,

We know you’ve been redecorating your condo in a Hawaiian theme. We wanted to offer this painting as a retirement gift if you would enjoy having it. Barry painted it when visiting this beach in Puerto Rico, which has since been converted to a Club Med. However, we know that art is very personal and not everything appeals to everyone, so we won’t be offended if this isn’t your style. Please let us know whether or not you would like to have it.

If you would enjoy having this in your home, we realize that getting it to Hawaii presents some logistical challenges. One option is for us to bring it to MKE on Sunday, packed and ready to bring on the plane. We have been exploring various boxes and ways to pack it. We will continue to do so if we know that you’d like the painting, and that your preferred mode of transport is to bring it on the plane. We need to figure out whether once packed, it will meet the standards of carry-on luggage.

The other option we’ve been exploring is shipping it to Hawaii, which looks like it will cost upwards of $150 given the dimensions and weight. For your reference, the unboxed dimensions are 17″ x 13″ x 1.5″.

Please let us know your thoughts (whether you’d like it, and if so, your preferred mode of transport) and we’ll go from there.


Shirin & Barry